Work Pays America

“Work Pays America” takes a look back at the 1930’s Works Projects Administration. From parks to community buildings to swimming pools, the WPA provided relief for a Depression struck America. Perhaps overlooked or forgotten, the WPA left a legacy that still exists today.

Highlights include visits to several WPA projects across Kansas, WPA poster art from the era, archival film and interviews with Hays stone sculptor, Pete Felten.

This program was produced by Smoky Hills Public Television’s Senior Producer, Les Kinderknecht — the same producer who brought you Placing Out: The Orphan Trains, Stories From the Dustbowl and Bombers on the Prairie: The B-29 in Kansas

This program is funded in part by the Kansas Humanities Council, a non-profit cultural organization promoting understanding of the history, traditions and ideas that shape our lives and build community.

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