US Tourist Visa from the Philippines STRONG TIES (B-2) Visitor visa

*Disclaimer: Yuri is not an immigration lawyer or an authorized consultant. She is just speaking from the experience of her friends that went through the process. For official information on the B-2 US Tourist Visa process, go to

To get a tourist visa you must prove that you have STRONG TIES to your home country. What are strong ties:
Letter from your employer stating duties, salary and tenure duration
Pay Stubs
Permission Letter for Taking Paid Time Off
College Enrollment
Student ID Card
Business You Own
Bank Statements Showing Revenue
Articles of Incorporation
Spouse & Kids
Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificate
Other Dependants
Volunteer Work & Organization Memberships
Documentation Demonstrating They Depend on You
Deeds to Land You Own
Title to Vehicles You Own
Bank Accounts With Significant Balances