US tightens H-1B visa rules. Indians are most affected.

Against immigrants of all kinds, Trump changes visa rules making life for Indians working in the US increasingly tough. Work visas (H1B), spouse visas (H4), student visas (F1) under OPT and business visas (IER) have all gotten tougher or completely scrapped under the new America first policy. See it all in this informative video and make sure to stay till the limerick at the end.


Times of India
Lubna Kably; July 16, 7, May 13, 9, 2018
Chidanand Rajghatta; June 15, 2018

Economic Times
Ayan Pramanik & Surabhi Agarwal; July 17. 2018
Prachi Verma; June 30, 2018
Ishani Dasgupta, June 3-9, 2018

Bisbo’s Limerick:
Don’t forget to watch Bisbo’s Limerick at the end of each video, that neatly sums up the topic.

Getting an HIB visa is increasingly tough
America is saying, foreigners are enough
So its tightening rules
But only itself fools
As other countries are taking advantage of the bluff

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10 thoughts on “US tightens H-1B visa rules. Indians are most affected.

  1. It’s sad to see usa stil don’t have work for their own ppl even they called themselves they are world 1 country.. shame on usa

  2. You go cheating and lying and then go beating your chest and blame others face the music!! Now play your dirty tricks back home !! I dont think the decent Indians will get affected !!i

  3. Yo let’s be fair to say that there are some types of jobs some Americans DO NOT want to do, aka CS / Engineering related / High tech positions. It might be a good idea to give foreign students a chance for these positions. Domestic students won’t be hurt at job hunting either…

  4. Indians steel many of our call center jobs. They steal lots of our money with phone scams, so why not let them steal our jobs with laced immigration laws.

  5. I would hardly call Indian workers exiting the US a “brain drain.” Most are in rudimentary positions, and they are valued — not so much for their skills — but because they are paid less and cannot easily quit and move to a better paying job. I’m all for allowing truly exceptional workers to come to the United States, but that’s not what the H1B system is doing. We should change to a system where exceptionally well-educated people are issued green cards, allowing them to bring their families and compete equally in the job market with American citizens.

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