Trump leaves H4 visa Work Permit Hanging Again | H1B Workers Spouse Life at Crossroads | SB Full

President Donald Trump administration has deferred a decision on H4 visa-holders’ right to work in the US for the second time in the year.

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13 thoughts on “Trump leaves H4 visa Work Permit Hanging Again | H1B Workers Spouse Life at Crossroads | SB Full

  1. These bastard news channels working like a pack of wolves to take down Trump,you know what it’s not bison you are after yes it’s Lion.

  2. Is it okay for Chinese and Bangladeshis and Filipinos to come to India and take up Software jobs for lesser salaries so that our IT companies do not have to go to colleges for campus selections? And then those foreigner’s spouses who just came along with their husbands/wives to take up other less skilled jobs for even lesser salaries so that our other less educated Indian brothers and sisters can take rest at home?? Just asking. Does a work permit visa of other countries(and USA b4 Obama) also allow spouses to work? So if an Atif Aslam already takes a job our Indian singer should do.. his wife can also take another job of some other Indian?? Just curious to know. If someone can help me understand without @#@#@# it would be so kind of him/her.

  3. This happend in UK before, next Australia. Now America. The rules are getting tough everywhere. Because most of the Indians are in America, this is becoming a big issue.

  4. The US has too many immigrants. H1B and infinite VISA extension has created a shadow immigration program. We already have a lot of Indians and Chinese and don’t need any more.

  5. I knew of an immigrant from India who was on an H4-B visa because her husband was in the U.S. on an EB-5 visa. She was working as an adminstrtive secreatry for the engineering department at a government agency. But all of a sudden, she got promoted to a project manager with a salary increase of $30,000 a year.

    I suspect H4-B visa holders are getting some kind of affirmative action and getting preferential treatment in hiring. I’d like to see exactly what’s in those work permits for H4-B visa holders and also DACA/DREAMER recipients.

  6. Big dilemma, back home there is one chai wala who is illiterate telling graduates to sell pakoda’s if
    they want income, here our own 100% country people (gooltis, lungi madrasi etc) are there so no escape
    they want to milk you for visa status, pay IRS whether your working or not they illegally say you are to
    U yes (US)govt, and all your friends, known persons will report you to authorities so that you are deported
    and they can skip in line, every year India sends 85k new IT coolies and Silicon waley Gora saheb wants to
    increase coolie quota to unlimited, pay will keep lowering as time goes on and older crowd gets kicked to
    the curb in favor of cheaper new fresh coolie who can work longer as older one has lost the appetite, there
    are I think 3 million coolies in line for GC because yearly legal immigration or chain migration like Trump etc
    call it is also in the hundreds of thousands, which is why the wait is so long, IT coolies do donkey work mostly
    which any US grad can do with minimal training and zero problems with US culture, language and now the
    fee req for lawyer, visa application is finally reflecting Silicon Waley’s supposed shortage of top talent, better
    to change one Chai wala, political party than to fight here all life and get zero respect as Hi Tech Coolie

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