The Most STRESSED OUT States in America

Which people in America are depressed, overworked and just plain fed up? We can tell who’s stressed out the most by measuring telling statistics online.

Like which places have the highest cost of living, high unemployment rates and long commute times, as well as who is working the most. You can even include which states have the lowest uninsured residents.

10. Mississippi
We begin our stressed out tour of the US in none other than Mississippi. It can’t be the cost of housing . And Mississippi is the least expensive place to live in the country.

9. Virginia
Here in Virginia, people are stressed for different reasons. In rural Virginia, higher than average taxes and lower than average pay mean people are working longer hours to keep their heads above water.

You have the opposite problem in the metro DC area.

8. North Carolina
North Carolina is a pretty nice place, but when you look at the data, people are kinda stressed. I live here and I know – outside of Durham, this part of the state near Raleigh is pretty stress free. However, like 5,000 people a month are moving to the Raleigh area, and it seems like traffic on the 40 is worse and worse each day.

7. Maryland
Being the 7th most stressed out state has its perks. You have a reason to complain. But Maryland pretty much has the same set up Virginia has – the Maryland DC crowd is stressed for the same reasons the Virginia DC crowd is.

6. Louisiana
Don’t ever call Louisianans lazy. No siree – they work the most hours of any other state in the country. But the issue here is like that of places like Mississippi – you work long hours, but the job scene is lacking in fruitfulness. Outside of working in the oil industry – which provides great jobs and steady pay – there’s not a lot of high-income opportunities here.

5. New York
Of course, this place is stressed out. They have by far the longest commutes in the nation, and that’s when the damn subways are all running properly. Plus, the cost of living here is through the roof. Taxes are about $1,000 a month, and perhaps higher if you own property. Rent in downtown gets you nothing for a lot.

4. California
California ranks second in home price to income ratio in America, so even if you make a lot of money, your rent and/or mortgage will eat up most of your income, leaving you looking for used iPhones on Craigslist and drinking 2 buck chucks.

3. Florida
The Sunshine State has the same problems the Golden State has – except just worse. And a quite a few Floridians lack health insurance, are out of work, and struggle to make ends meet.

2. Georgia
Georgians rank in the top 10 for three categories. They’re the 5th most out of work, have the 5th highest number of unhealthy, uninsured residents, and commute times are the eighth worst.

1. New Jersey
Is it their long work hours? Having to sit in traffic on Route 1? Are there just too many people in this state and they’re all driving each other insane?

Yes, yes and yes.


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15 thoughts on “The Most STRESSED OUT States in America

  1. By the way! I do not see how some states, such as CA, NY, MA, and even NJ have a high cost of living, but here in TX, the cost isn’t as high as those states. Is it due to the population? Come on people! Let’s look out for each other instead of worrying about money.

  2. The most lovely place I have ever lived is rural Mississippi. Gracious people, beautiful homes, low cost of living, low crime, and great values. With the internet, you can work online and have a successful job anywhere, so I don’t buy his premise. I’d be completely stressed out if I still lived in a major city like Houston or Los Angeles. Too many people compressed into high traffic, high crime, and high prices. Go rural.

    1. Hey you got it figured out girl! 👏 👏 👏 rural Mississippi is pretty. But if you ain’t got money honey you can’t appreciate it. Unless you’re on welfare…

  3. California definitely makes the list! I’m from there and moved out and the people there drive me crazy! I only grew up there and didn’t even pay for my income and I was still stressed.

  4. Yah, Florida sucks at least for me, I’d rather live in Nuuk Greenland. Better then most places iv lived ( except maby Colorado Springs * it’s a city you got good and bad)

  5. Hay nick, you won’t have to shoot your self in the foot, if your in the wrong part of town or make the wrong person mad, you won’t have to worry about shooting yourself in the foot, they may do it for free!! But on a more serious note Maryland is pretty violent.

    1. Baltimore is bad. I stopped to let my super hot wife pee in Baltimore once at a Burger King. I’m not afraid nor intimidated by people but I was that night

  6. The moral of this video: Idiots like to congregate near water. All of these states are coastal, where people like to move by the busload and max out the local city/state resources. Don’t go near the water and you won’t need a Xanax.

  7. I don’t believe Georgia is all that stressful, seems like a nice relaxing place imo. I guess it makes a difference as to what stresses one out. I was totally expecting Washington state to be on here.

  8. I can’t seem to shake this biased feeling that Louisiana is a actually a generally fun, relaxing, friendly place to live ; despite it’s flaws. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Not relaxing unless you decide to let down the enthusiasm to get ahead in life. Then it’s okay. There’s a vibe there I don’t enjoy and it’s hot. Awesome people and fun to visit but hard pass from me.

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