Which cities in the United States have the most number of people out of work – and refusing to get a job?

We looked at Census data, taking into account number of hours worked, percentage of the population who works, and how many people went to college.

We defined ’employed’ by the number of people who are working, or looking for work. Not people collecting disability, who are collecting unemployment, or who are retired or too young to work.

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14 thoughts on “The 10 LAZIEST CITIES in AMERICA

  1. I don’t doubt a lot of what he is stating. A lot of these places are controlled by Democrats and have been.

  2. Alexandria West Virginia has such a high employment because people who work for the government live there. I don’t want government employees to work hard because their job is to make life harder and more expensive for the rest of us.

  3. You’re a YouTube person, you know that right…I mean it’s up there with meth dealer, but not cook that’s above your skill level.

  4. Jobs don’t pay enough and the employers treat you like a necessary evil. Why get out of bed for $10 an hour? Power to the slackers.

  5. Could not agree with you less … retired now, had to change jobs many times over the years but managed to get by … cost me a lot though .. family connections, disconnected from a community an so on …. yet there were a lot of times there were no jobs to find …. as now … good luck to all who are looking, count your blessings if you are and, if you are fortunate enough to have an elitist view get over it … you are doing alright so can it.

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