Royale College’s, Colombia, South America, Work-Study Program.

Train for a job in South America the best opportunity to work and save!

Royale College of Arts and Social Sciences is presenting you with a unique opportunity to be trained in Early Childhood Education and Teaching English as a Second Language, In order to fulfill job openings in Colombia, South America. Training Begins, May 2019 and Ends November 2019, and you should be living and working in Colombia by January 2020. Students will do a Dual Program in all aspects of Early Childhood Education and Teaching English as a Second Language.Due to regulations in Colombia only females work in Early Childhood Education.


There is an ever increasing need for teachers of English as
a Second Language. English dominant teachers are needed at all levels but especially at the Early Childhood level. Prospective trainees must be proficient in English language
and will be assessed by Royale College to prove international standards of proficiency. Working in Colombia will give you a great opportunity to save money that can go to furthering your education with Royale College because the cost of living in this country is so low that you will be able to save most of your salary.
This is a great opportunity to be involved in a work study program with Royale College. Students will be able to earn enough to pay their tuition and save to assist family and friends. Students are expected to enroll in the degree program as this is essentially a work study program. It is also an opportunity gain 3 years experience that will qualify you to work in the United States, an opportunity to earn and save more than you would be able to accomplish in a similar situation in Jamaica.You will have opportunities to teach after school and weekend classes, which will significantly increase your earnings and savings.
Courses cost: $250,000 JMD.
Participants will work under a 1 year contract from January to January, you will have 2 months between contracts during which time you can return to visit family in Jamaica or enjoy Colombia before your next contract begins. Students across Jamaica can register for this program because all lectures will be live streamed so students can benefit from lectures wherever they are. There will also be a host of online services to ensure that students are afforded adequate instruction. Internet lounges and free internet services will be provided at our May Pen Campus.You can follow your class schedules for live streams of lectures and other events via internet radio and Internet TV. These media will also provide scheduled programming that will include music, live discussions and radio plays. Online study groups and group discussions, will be
facilitated by royal college to enhance your learning experience, streamed lectures will be saved so that students can access these lectures whenever they want and schedule for rebroadcasts will be provided. RCASS CHAT is available for students to form groups for discussion and info share. All final assessments will be undertaken exclusively at the May Pen campus. Students are required to pay directly to the relevant agencies for their Visas and English proficiency test. Royale College will only train the number of students for the number of jobs available. Royale College has signed an agreement with agency in Colombia that will take care of employment, accessing housing and visas, at no charge for their services. Participants must be proficient in English. Personal Growth will conduct 2 interviews with students via Skype 1 before the student is accepted and the second 3 months before the end of the program. Students will get updated information orientation will be at Royale College or via live online broadcast a schedule of live chats will be provided so as to provide info and answer to as many questions as possible.