Money Moves! The No. 1 Job in America Will Make You a Rich Person

With jobs like these, you’ll be making money moves like the boss!

The number one job in America pays over $108,000 per year.

To crunch those kinds of numbers, you’d have to be a data scientist.

Data scientists are number 1 on Glassdoor’s “Best Jobs in America” report for 2019 – for the 4th straight year, according to MarketWatch.

Coming in second, nursing managers.

They can expect to make around $83,000 a year.

Rounding out the top 3 on Glassdoor’s list, marketing managers, who can expect to pull in around $82,000 a year.

A few things.

Glassdoor’s list mentioned a few other gigs in the top 20 that rake in more than 6 figures, but their job score was based on weighing three factors equally like earning potential, number of job openings and job satisfaction.

All that aside, another new ranking by U.S. News & World Report lists software developers as the number 1 job, beating data scientists.

The six-figure salary is in the same range, but the separate report mentions the flexible hours and remote work opportunities that put software developers in the lead.

Either way, you’ll have to be computer savvy to land those jobs.

So, brush up on your skills and fire off that resume!

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