Modding an Original PAL Crystal Xbox Special Edition Console to work in North America | MVG

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See why the Original Xbox is STILL awesome in 2018 🙂

This is my original PAL Crystal Xbox Special Edition. It’s been sitting in storage for 12 years and i’m not even sure it worked anymore. In this video i bring it out of storage, power it up, perform a power supply swap, soft mod, change regions, TSOP flash, remove the clock capacitor and last but not least play GAMES and EMULATORS.


► SoftMod guide (with guide and Xplorer360) –

► SoftMod guide (with HeXEn) –

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10 thoughts on “Modding an Original PAL Crystal Xbox Special Edition Console to work in North America | MVG

  1. Softmod, clock capacitor, region switch, i bet the next step is the 128mb ram upgrade on retail Xbox

  2. Really good vid thank you for making it so interesting 🙂 I got the exact same v1,4 crystal. I also added the 128mb ram module to it. You should do that for your next video:) keep up good work 🙂

  3. You could have changed both the Video and XBE region by dumping and re-programming the eeprom data with a cheap CH341a eeprom/SPI programmer and LiveinfoBeta.

    Its definitely worth checking out next time you want to change the region of a console.

  4. I am genuinely surprised you didn’t add more lights inside the console, since it is a transparent case.

  5. I bought one last week that was “broken” for about 30 Euros and to my surprise it had a Aladdin mod Chip and a 240 GB harddrive so the only thing i had to was to reflash the console and it works perfectly now

  6. not sure if its true for every xbox, but i used to run my PAL uk xbox and ps2 on 110v with no issues, but if you try to run a 110v ntsc model on 240v, then you will fry your psu

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