Indians Life In America/indian working in usa/Indian lifestyle in America

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13 thoughts on “Indians Life In America/indian working in usa/Indian lifestyle in America

  1. sir Ji aap ka videos bahut achchha tha .mujhe bahut achchha laga. kya Mai bhi vaha aa ke kam kar sakta hu. mujhe jarur javab Dena. my whatsapp no. 8878210226

  2. Sir kya wahaan dukaan me udhar khata bhi chalta h…aur kya log udhar lekar bhaag bhi jaate hain ..yahan bharat desh ki tareh .

  3. Now you are telling truth US citizen Uncle ji…. But as I said earlier you have lot of energy… So keep doing videos. But I request you please don’t compare India to US in your video to influence innocent people who are back there India, who might feel that they are not so lucky as you. Sometimes also share your hardships so that people will know not everything is rosy. But I must appreciate that at this age you are still working with high spirit. Keep it up Uncle. No hard feelings please.

    Love from Pavan.

    1. I am very sorry for hurting you. This is a very old video and I was very new those days and yes did mistakes in the beginning. But now I am a changed person. Sorry again

  4. Thank you dada ji itne busy Rehne Ke Baad bhi aap video Banake daalte Ho Hame bahut kuch batate ho America ke baare mein thank you so much Dadaji

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