H-1b VISAS AN UPDATE! Hire America Buy America DOESN’T WORK!

In today’s environment it is harder than ever to get an H-1b visa. With so few visas available each year and such a high demand companies and foreign nationals are struggling to figure out what to do. US Companies are desperate to fill positions (especially in the STEM fields) but there are not enough visas available to meet this incredible need. Hire American Buy America doesn’t work if there is nobody to fill the jobs! International students are also graduating from US universities and are not able to take jobs because there are no visas available or companies do not want to invest in an immigration system that makes it almost impossible to hire them. What are we to do and what is the fix? Andrea Szew, Immigration Attorney and owner of Szew Law Group, speaks to Spectrum News1 about this problem and what needs to be done.

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Andrea Szew is the managing attorney and founder of immigration law firm Szew Law Group in Los Angeles, California. She has been practicing immigration law for over 15 years specializing in business, investment and entertainment visas. Want to learn more SUBSCRIBE and follow Andrea and Szew Law Group on social media
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