Gus Malzahn: Hardest CFB Job in America (Auburn Football 2019)

Auburn Football is positioned so uniquely we believe Gus Malzahn’s job is the hardest in America. Well, at least when it comes to college football. On last week’s Late Kick Live we broached that topic during our Auburn “State of the Program“ series and got a lot of feedback, so during Ep. 147 Sunday night we took a deeper dive into the factors that make the Auburn Football job so incredibly difficult. With 2019 being a make-or-break season for Malzahn Auburn fans want a definitive outcome one way or another. Will this season deliver on that wish? And if not, where could Auburn look for answers? #AuburnFootball #GusMalzahn #LateKick

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19 thoughts on “Gus Malzahn: Hardest CFB Job in America (Auburn Football 2019)

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  2. Your right about 2013 when everyone was shitting their pants, especially when him and will muschamp combined forces I thought that was gonna be a lethal combo

  3. Alabama graduate, and I agree 100%: There isn’t a tougher job in America than Auburn. Brutal schedule and fans that expect to beat Alabama every year.

  4. I dont believe it’s the hardest job. Gus just needs to pick the right quarterback and we will be fine. Our defence is going to be top 5 again and that offence needs to come out strong and help the defence out.

    We get Georgia and Alabama at home this year. And don’t forget, we made a national championship run 2 years ago and almost became the first 2-loss team in the CFB playoff. We’re a team (and LSU) that has the most room for error to make a championship run. Gus needs to figure it out during the offseason though

  5. Just think Auburn could have hired Jimbo and didn’t pursue him hard enough haha, yeah I bet they regret that decision but I love it ❤️💛 💚🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. He doesn’t have a tough job. It’s a candy ass job. A tough job is getting up at 4 am every morning to do a back breaking job to support your family. Hoping the car doesn’t break down. Hoping no one needs at doctor because you can’t afford it. Hoping you have grocery money. That’s a hard fucking job. Coaching is a multi million dollar gravy train.

    1. +Lawrence Robinson Yeah, tough schedule this year but Clemson is the team to beat now…not Bama…not Georgia.

    2. +NOTRE LOU and who’s Dabo’s biggest threat in the ACC? Some teams have an easier road to the playoffs and Clemson has it the easiest with OU being a close second

    3. +The Late Kick Ah, other criteria: Recruiting classes. Not all they’re cracked up to be. Clemson isn’t in the top 5 recruiting every year.

    4. +NOTRE LOU Uh huh. And out of that list, where are you finding a team with a harder road than existing in the same state as Bama/Saban and having to face 4 of the 5 top recruiting programs in America on an annual basis?

    5. +The Late Kick So all we’re left with is expectation level. Pretty da*n high at Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Georgia, Bama, Oklahoma, Texas, USC….etc.

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