GLENNIS GRACE – “This Woman’s Work” America’s Got Talent (REACTION)

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11 thoughts on “GLENNIS GRACE – “This Woman’s Work” America’s Got Talent (REACTION)

    1. Honesty must be honest !!!
      Glennis Grace is 20 years long famous singers from the Netherlands….
      She is also the Netherlands in 2015 present at the Eurovision Song festival
      but mostly Americans do not know that !!!!
      Glennis is all that concealed and now they are in the final AGT.
      Unfair act of Glennis Grace !!!!

  1. I love your reactions!! You should react to some people from The Four. Alli Caldwell, James Graham, JeRonelle McGhee, Leah Jenae; just to name a few.

  2. To me this was her best performance on AGT. The instrumental part at the beginning with her soft but powerful voice is magical. I wish she released a single with a longer version.

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