English Girl in America | San Francisco BABY | Working Abroad

I travelled to San Francisco to work as a videographer at Reimagine Education, here’s my experience for you all! I worked long hours so a lot of the footage is me sat on the loo (wait, what?!) but hopefully I’ve made it somewhat entertaining… ENJOY!

Thank you to Kai for the shots: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGi0Sx6Vg4eSMm1Psm4p5tA

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10 thoughts on “English Girl in America | San Francisco BABY | Working Abroad

  1. Hope you enjoy the trip, mate. And you’re gonna make a killing with those Yagpons, I’m sure.
    Stay safe.

    Oh, oh, if you can start a Yagdoms line for the men who are more than boys, I’d be eternally grateful!

  2. you dont have to come up with clickbait titles, these titles and content are far more interesting than what we got in the current stale content market. its all trash anyway, since demonit and algorithm has really destroyed creativity for the casual crowd. everything is literally buzzfeed.

  3. Ah man, I miss the bay. I used to live just a few hours from there in Monterey… a different bay. Too expensive to live there as an adult right now though lol. Maybe once I actually have a career and my health isnt a total mess, which will probably never happen… but it’s definitely home to me.

    The parody at the beginning was hilarious. I couldn’t tell it wasnt the audio of a real commercial until the very end.

  4. I agree with Mantas Navickas comment, your videos naturally became a way of expressing your thoughts and emotions, and if you feel right about it, then you should keep on going. Obviously this is only my opinion, but i thought this was the moment to say it. Keep on Girl, and happy holidays!

  5. Don’t apologise about not making a tonne of videos! It’s always just nice to see the Yag come up when the time comes

  6. God damn it. That skip ad button didn’t even look like a real one, and it still got me.

  7. Just found your channel after doing a little research into where Game Dev stuff can take me after uni. Just accepted an offer from Westminster Uni to study Computer Game Design starting in September and i really can’t wait to get stuck in now! 🙂 Keep up the awesome content, you definitely have the attitude and personality to do well in both your Youtube and Game dev careers!

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