Drywall like a boss! Union work vlog/ commercial lads local. Build America

Doing some clean work. Training my new partner. Making sure screws and drywall fixed for the tapers. Local carpenter’s lads Union. Best of the best and training the rest.
Come join me for a week of work in the union.
Dirty jobs 101 drywall hangers class is in session. Let’s start building America!

the thumbnails from an upcoming work blog either episode 11 or 12. stay tuned if you’d like to see how that turns out

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2900 n government way #304
cda id 83815
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these are the songs I use in my videos (not in order)
intro- undertale -megalovania
cold driven -the wicked side of me
sidewise- this time
fivefold – know-it-all
cold Kingdom – the light
ravenface – be silent

just a side note it’s not easy getting songs to use that are copyright free. I spent hours searching for music I can use in my videos. these are the best songs I found that have lyrics and a complete songs. So I’ll probably use these in a lot of my videos. When I find better songs or create some myself I’ll start using those. hope you guys enjoy comment below 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Drywall like a boss! Union work vlog/ commercial lads local. Build America

  1. Hey man great vid one question are they on y’all back about production or want a certain amount of sheets per day ??

    1. There’s not a number to shoot for. Just do a good job so we dont need to come back and fix any work done.
      keep a good hustle going with a great attitude and you’ll shine.
      If you’re slow or dragging or have a bad attitude every other day you won’t make it.

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