DID I GET MY VISA APPROVED? | Get a work Visa in Hong Kong | POSTCARDS 2 TEXAS


Welcome to our vlog, here’s a video of us having our second attempt at going to immigration to get a work visa in Hong Kong. If you like our video or have any suggestions please use the comment section below to give us feedback. Don’t forget to mash the subscribe button and give us a thumbs up! Thanks for the support.

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7 thoughts on “DID I GET MY VISA APPROVED? | Get a work Visa in Hong Kong | POSTCARDS 2 TEXAS

  1. Lineceptions are the worst! sometimes I feel like avoiding places that have ridiculous immigration processes.

    1. pmexplore yeah but it’s good for 2 years so it’s all good, my last job did this for me so this was my first time dealing with it

  2. You never said what kinda job you did to move to Hong Kong?? Did you? I thought work visas were good for 2 years, have you been there that long. Oh and Texas is Hottttt omg it rained the other day but back to hotttt lol at Taco Cabana watching your video! 🌮 keep up the good work

    1. yes visas are good for 2 years but you can’t be under a different company legally, ill be going from a learning center to a kindergarten and need to switch visas

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