Congress : Put America to Work with the National Infrastructure Bank!

The National Infrastructure Bank (NIB) is a flagship policy proposal to establish an infrastructure bank similar to Alexander Hamilton’s First Bank of United States. Such banks existed 4 times in our nation’s history, and are largely responsible for building almost all our nation’s infrastructure — from early transportation and industrialization through FDR’s New Deal and mobilization for WWII. This NIB would reinstate Alexander Hamilton’s tradition. It would work by taking in $4 Trillion in existing US Treasuries held by the public, in exchange for stock in the NIB paying an extra 2% interest rate above the Treasury rate. The Bank would monetize the $4 Trillion, and lend it out to fully fund all of America’s infrastructure projects, using the latest technologies, while creating no new Federal debt. Just like the 4 Banks that came before, the NIB would create millions of new, great-paying jobs, supercharge economic growth, make business investment in America profitable again, and re-establish the United States as an economic superpower of the 21st century.

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