Can Social Democracy Work In America? | AJ+

The middle class is dying. And that has young Americans turning to democratic socialism for solutions.

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10 thoughts on “Can Social Democracy Work In America? | AJ+

  1. but but but but that wasn’t real socialism! Let us try one more time it will totally work guys I promise

  2. Wake up. The government isn’t your Robbin Hood. You make them take from the rich, and they sure won’t redistribute to the poor. We all get to be equally poor.

  3. Socialism is a cub and communism is a lion. Communism has murdered more than any other political party in history.

    Most of the people crossing our border are MERCENARIES that the democrats pay with tax funded welfare programs and citizenship in exchange for voting for the democrats against the republicans.

    Demoncrats socialist want to gradually strip you of your freedoms and tax you into slavery.

  4. If you cannot fund your medications then get a job. Why do you want the government to tax you at over 50% to get the same medications.

  5. It’s good to seeing you Francesca back in reporting if NewsBroke does come back especially during these times would feel more people’s hopes up I just hope you it will happen

  6. My issue with Americans is that they don’t see communism as an evil thing which make socialism a first step toward communism.

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