American Govt Tightens H-1B Visa Rules | More Hesitancy For Indians on Job Visa | NTV

American Govt Tightens H-1B Visa Rules and made it more difficult for companies and individuals to get H-1B work visas and even if we get it, it may not be for a full three years, as has been the practice. Indians and Indian IT companies will feel the impact the most because they are the biggest users of this visa and American Govt not allowing the Indian students to do part-time jobs.

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10 thoughts on “American Govt Tightens H-1B Visa Rules | More Hesitancy For Indians on Job Visa | NTV

  1. It’s highly impossible.after Trump he will change.and more every if indian is not there is will start down path.

  2. Most of the employes at america are indians ……without indians they cannot run hospitals….software companies….and many institutions. …we indians are intelligents and hard workers….
    Jai hindusthan…..ur country needs indians and other national professionals. ……..we have sufficient professionals in our country. …proud tobe indian…

  3. Telangana vachi 50 years kalisi bratiki na vallani, maa jobs tesukumtunaru ani gentesaru. Amdharam indians mi amdhulonu telugu vallami. Ayina andhra vallani katubatalu toe pamparu. Trump valla country gurimchi alochistae tapantara?

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