America the Wall Will Work

The Wall Will Work America and it will be great for your country and allow the right people in for the right reasons, walls have worked for the dawn of time before professional armies or police existed and it is time that a solid barrier allowed the best of Immigration to rise to the top and be a net positive for your country.
No Secrets, lawful entry and the prize of Citizenship.

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11 thoughts on “America the Wall Will Work

  1. Ya were talking about a crocadile stomach being no bigger than a basketball so wouldnt eat a whole body right away?

  2. I listen to you always like ya cuz your down to earth think thats an aka for keepin it real ,,…..keep it up Caz.

  3. 31:58 don’t go outside at night in the Druitt unless you have a buddy. And your going somewhere and don’t stop moving. And stay on main roads

    1. I’ve been rolled twice living in two different areas with in 500m from where I live. And most nights around 0300 the streets come Alive. Yelling fighting and a whole bunch of random crap. (When the pubs kick every one out)

    1. Some are good some are not in Australia. As for south African. I have no opinion. And this is the first I’ve heard of it. I like it under my rock. There is to much going on in my town to worry about media.

    1. I miss the old milko milk. And the red and gold Caps. I’ve been told you still can get the old school milk out bush.

    2. Im lazy
      French onion dip and twiggy sticks in the brake from dirt rally.
      Im now on on call holidays so I can eat crap.

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