America lieth waste: build a great work for God! by Brother Erwin

I am very thankful towards my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for many Christians He has placed in my life, and at the pinnacle of the list is Pastor Koletas. This man loves his family and would, at a heart beat, dies for them. However, his love for his family is rubbish when compared to the love he has for God. Would to God one day I could love Him as much as this man does.

Pastor Koletas granted permission to preach at his church, which was a tremendous honor. This message calls upon young men, middle-aged man, and even older folks to ask God for grace and boldness to build a work for Him given the current state of our nation. In addition, our sisters in the faith should not remain on the side line. While our sisters might not be the next Spurgeon, they certainly could be the next Esther who said ” If I perish, I perish.”