83. Best Place To Study & Work In America? West Coast, Midwest, East Coast? (Nilesh)|Chai & Coaching

Lots of people ask about where are the best places to study, work, and live in America. Thankfully, Nilesh has experienced many parts of the US, and shares his opinions on important factors to consider. Nilesh has done internships in Dallas (Midwest), Boston (East Coast), and Palo Alto Bay Area (West Coast). This video explains lots of pros and cons, and tips as you consider where you want to study, work, or live when you come to America. Nilesh also shares his favorite city in US which would be his dream place to work and live.
Video Time Stamps:
2:05-Dallas Internship Experience
3:11-Boston Internship Experience
5:37-Bay Area Internship Experience
8:11-Where To Study & Work?
10:03-Comparing Transportation Around U.S.
12:10-Favorite City?
13:39-Final Tips & Suggestions For Choosing Location

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