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http://www.thehealthytrucker.net | Get Meal tips for eating healthier from health and wellness expert Eric Banter of the Healthy Trucker. Truck drivers face a challenge to eat properly and regularly when driving over the road. Eating healthy meals on the road helps maintain a driver’s health. Erratic schedules, deadlines and prepared meal options can impact the nutritional value of a meal. Eric’s 8 meal tips offer quick but nutritious guidelines to eating better. With a little bit of planning, meals can be enjoyable, nutritious and they don’t have to cost a lot. In this video, Eric gives 8 healthy tips for planning meals while driving over the road.

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6 thoughts on “8 Meal Tips For Truck Drivers — Planning Healthy Meals – The Healthy Trucker

  1. Does Subway count as fast food? I find myself eating a Subway sandwich pretty much every day, usually a foot long flatbread with grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce with no condiments other than a tiny line of ranch dressing – probably the size of a quarter in total. Can that be healthy?

  2. I don’t think it’s always wise to eat as much fruit as you want. Some people I know like to buy a bag of oranges or apples or a big bunch of bananas and just  eat that until it’s all gone. Fruit is ok, if you’re burning carbs through daily exercise, but for sedentary people sitting or driving for long stretches with little or no exercise, I’d suggest to eat all the green vegetables you want but it’s probably best to limit the sweet fruit to one a day.   just something to consider.

  3. Good video. Most folks don’t realize its 80% diet 10% exercise 10% rest. Any bodybuilder will tell you that.

  4. Camaroman101, check out our website (The Healthy Trucker – link is in the description) for more in-depth advice and strategies on how to eat healthy and stay in shape.

  5. no offence but this is quite lame advice. you say to eat healthy meals which is quite obvious but dont really say how to or what you can eat and prepare while otr.

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